Massage Therapy Continuing Education

Somatic Movement Center is an NCBTMB Approved Provider of Continuing Education courses in Clinical Somatic Education for Licensed Massage Therapists (Approved Provider # 451927-12). Most states require licensing for massage therapists, and many also require that massage therapists complete a certain number of continuing education hours each year to maintain their license. Many massage therapists are drawn to a career in Clinical Somatic Education, and we are pleased to offer both in-person and online massage CE hours to help massage therapists enhance their education.

Learn about the technique that physicians, osteopaths, chiropractors and physical therapists have called “the missing link in health care.”

Clinical Somatic Education is unique in the health care field because it works directly with the nervous system to address the underlying cause of chronic muscle pain. Passive and manual therapies typically offer only temporary relief. Physical therapy tends to focus on strength-building exercises, which can sometimes worsen the pain by making muscles tighter.

Clinical Somatic Education uses advanced movement techniques that work with your nervous system to release chronic muscle contraction, postural habits and damaging movement patterns. By helping you to change the messages that your brain is sending to your muscles, Somatics provides lasting pain relief. This type of change in your nervous system can only be achieved through voluntary movement by the client; not by a passive therapy, medication or electrical stimulation.

In developing Clinical Somatic Education, Thomas Hanna brought to light the underlying cause of chronic muscle pain and tension, as well as many common musculoskeletal conditions. Being aware of the root cause of a client’s pain is critical in assessing their condition and knowing how to recommend appropriate treatment.

Understanding the fundamental principles of Clinical Somatic Education is invaluable for massage therapists, as well as all body workers, fitness instructors, and medical professionals. “You have shown us what we thought we should learn during our training but never did. It is the missing link in health care,” expressed a group of physicians, osteopaths, chiropractors, and physical therapists. (Somatics by Thomas Hanna, page xii)

We are now offering Introduction to Clinical Somatic Education, Parts 1 & 2, as online Massage CE courses. We are one of very few Somatics clinics in the country which offer massage CE hours, and due to popular demand from massage therapists outside of Massachusetts, we have created an online version of our massage CE workshop. We hope you find our online massage CE courses informative and enjoyable. Let us know what you think!

Please click here to learn about our in-person Massage CE workshops.

Somatics sessionIntroduction to Clinical Somatic Education, Part 1

NCBTMB Approved Online Massage CE Course
Massage CE Credit: 4 hours

This course covers the history and fundamental principles of Clinical Somatic Education. You will learn basic neurophysiology, focusing on the process by which we build up chronic muscle tension. You will gain an understanding of the underlying cause of chronic muscle pain and common musculoskeletal conditions. Click here for more details

Introduction to Clinical Somatic Education, Part 2

NCBTMB Approved Online Massage CE Course
Massage CE Credit: 4 hours

In this course you will learn how the nervous system responds to stress, and how stress reflexes lead to muscular habituation, postural distortion, and chronic pain. You will also learn about the methods of assessment and teaching used in Clinical Somatic Education which make the technique so effective. Click here for more details