Professional Somatics Training

Somatics trainingClinical Somatic Educators complete an intensive 500-hour training course in order to become certified. Students in training read the texts and study the teachings of Thomas Hanna in order to fully understand the background and philosophy behind the technique. Through detailed study of neurophysiology and anatomy, they learn how to determine the underlying cause of chronic pain, postural distortions, mobility issues, and many musculoskeletal conditions. Students learn advanced hands-on movement techniques and have extensive practice with clients, both inside and outside the classroom. They learn teaching principles by which Clinical Somatic Education methods are most effectively taught in both private session and classroom settings.

Clinical Somatic Education is a highly specialized profession which requires the mastery not only of the advanced movement techniques developed by Thomas Hanna, but also of the ability to work with individuals and determine the underlying cause of their pain or condition. Through professional training, Clinical Somatic Educators gain knowledge and experience which allow them to do what no other body workers or medical professionals do: work directly with the nervous system to create new neural pathways and effect lasting change in the way that their client moves and senses their body.