Is Somatics right for me?

Clinical Somatics alleviates many conditions, yet its focus is not on conditions but on people. Each person’s physical experiences, thoughts, feelings, and lifestyle create a pattern of muscular habituation that is unique to that individual. Since this is the case, Clinical Somatic Education is best when it is approached not as a therapy but as an educational experience. Clients should come expecting to be students. The lessons are taught, not through lectures, but through a process designed to get you to experience in yourself how your body should feel and move. This educates your brain to make long-lasting changes to your physical structure, movement patterns, and ability to manage stress.

Since it is an educational work, those who get the most benefit from Clinical Somatic Education are those who:

    • Are excited about moving toward greater health and freedom in their lives
    • Are ready to be engaged as students
    • Want to take responsibility for their health
    • Do the prescribed homework

The purpose of the educational process is not only to help you regain awareness and control, but also to teach you how to guide yourself through the educational process without a practitioner. The ultimate goal of a series of hands-on sessions is that you will gain the knowledge and understanding necessary to proceed on your own.

We typically do just four to six sessions with each client, though occasionally we do 10 or more. By the end of a series of sessions, most clients have experienced significant reduction in their pain. However, this does not mean that their learning process is over.

We build up habits over many years, and for a long time they do not cause us pain. Finally one day, we begin to feel soreness or pain. The habits that are causing this discomfort have been present for many years. While it may take a relatively short time to get out of pain, the habits are still present, and it can take years to fully unlearn these damaging habits.

While some people keep up with their Somatic exercises just enough to keep themselves out of pain, others go further with the process and continue doing their Somatics practice daily for the rest of their lives. This daily practice is extremely enjoyable and rewarding. It is a process of continually discovering new sensations and new abilities in your body, and becoming aware of how wonderful your body is supposed to feel.

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Should I only do Somatics if I’m in pain?

While most people come to Somatics seeking pain relief, it has many other benefits and applications. Somatics allows you to:

    • Improve posture and movement patterns
    • Increase flexibility and range of motion
    • Improve balance and coordination
    • Reduce stress
    • Improve sleep & breathing
    • Prevent and recover from injuries
    • Warm up and cool down from workouts

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