Somatics for Athletes

Clinical Somatic Education has profound benefits for any type of athlete. Somatic exercises allow you to develop a high degree of awareness and control of your body and your movements. Not only will you be able to use your body in an extremely precise way, you will also be able to sense when your movements are the slightest bit “off,” allowing you to prevent habitual misuse before it causes you pain or injury.

Daily practice of Somatic exercises keeps your muscles flexible, your joints moving freely, and your whole body relaxed and free of soreness. Somatic exercises are a much more effective method than stretching for warming up and cooling down from workouts. Read a dancer’s account of her transition from stretching to Somatics here.

Somatic exercises are not just for prevention; they allow you to recover from injuries and train yourself to move in a more natural, efficient way. Click here to read about how professional soccer player Jonathan Hunt used Somatics to recover from a serious back and pelvic injury. Hunt is now pain-free, and is training and playing games with greater comfort and ease of movement at 39 than he was in his twenties.

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