Learn how to get out of pain
and stop doing damage to your body.

Clinical Somatic Education relieves chronic pain, releases chronic muscle tension,
and changes damaging postural and movement patterns.

Most chronic musculoskeletal pain and degeneration is caused by learned postural and movement patterns that you have developed over your lifetime.Learn More
Clinical Somatic Education allows you to change your learned patterns so that you can get out of pain and stop doing damage to your body.Learn More
Visit us for private sessions, attend a class or workshop, or read Why We’re in Pain and listen to our instructional audio recordings in the comfort of your home.Learn More
Pain Relief with Hanna Somatics

Why We’re In Pain

by Sarah St. Pierre, CSE

The myth that our bodies will inevitably break down and that we must experience pain as we age is so ingrained in our belief system that few people stop to wonder why this breakdown occurs and if it might be avoidable. In the groundbreaking book Why We’re in Pain, Sarah St. Pierre explains what causes most musculoskeletal pain and degeneration and how we can prevent, alleviate and eliminate our pain. Learn more >


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